Artificial Intelligence: Demand Sensing

Imagine you have the powers of Peter Parker; your Spider Senses start tingling and suddenly, you know what your customers are going to purchase BEFORE they pull the trigger on online orders or [...]

Do You Control Your Inventory Management System or Does it Control You?

Improving your inventory management processes and systems are often the “poor cousins” when it comes to time and resources spent on ensuring that your products deliver a return on [...]

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How To Change Your Relationship Status From Vendor To Strategic Partner

Most vendors today will gain access to retail data to their own SKU’s on range within the particular retail-trading partner. This data can then be manipulated at the vendor by a team of [...]

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5 Retail Inventory Management Trends in 2017

Inventory Management is a key area in any retail business. Retailers employ various strategies and tactics in an ever-changing landscape to ensure that the right stock is on the right shelf at the [...]

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