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Five major suppliers of TV, PC, Electronics and Home Appliances have recently become users of the V Insights system. By accessing V Insights’ simple, intuitive interface and interacting with dashboards that provide actionable insights, these 5 companies are now able to track business performance and monitor shared KPIs with their retailer partners.

V Insights works so efficiently because it draws together a multitude of disparate sources and renders them into concise and effective dashboards that allow for precise actions and guided decision making. These dashboards facilitate collaboration and increased communication between suppliers and retailers which provides a vehicle for both parties to quickly identify missed opportunities and plan areas for profitable future growth.

Tony Bugge, Director of Sales APAC at V Net comments, “The V Insights solution has been specifically designed to foster collaboration; focusing on each key business objective shared between the retailer and their supplier. The introduction of this system will give these suppliers clarity around which actions have been successful and what is required to improve business performance.”

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