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By Tony Bugge

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Q3 2018 – Business Development Update

Q3 2018 has been a very busy period for our business development activities.

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V Net Australia 

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  1. JB Hi Fi

    The V Vendor module was launched with Logitech.

  2. JB Hi Fi

    The V Category module was launched with the IT category. The initial go live was with 2 suppliers with the remaining category planned for a Q1 2020 go live.

  3. JB Hi Fi

    There are plans in place for V Category to be implemented within the Cameras category in Q1 2020.

  4. The Good Guys

    The V Vendor module for Sony Aust is currently in testing phase. The module will be ready for go live in early Dec with the plan to rollout in Q1 2020

V Net Insights 

  1. Pricing Module 

    The additional functionality requested by JB for the pricing form along with both the strategic and tactical dashboards to be used for comprehending the JB pricing position versus their competitors will be ready for roll out on 1 Dec 2018.

  2. Microsoft NZ

    Go live planned for 30 Nov 2018

On behalf of Remo, Martin and myself we would like to thank the V Net team for their efforts and support during 2018. We wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas and the new year.



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