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By Tony Bugge


Q1 2019 – Business Development Update

The first quarter of 2019 has been one huge roller coaster ride with many prospective clients showing interest in evaluating and implementing our solution.

The main milestones we have locked in for the remaining year can be summarised as follows;

Speech Bubbles

V Net Australia 

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JB Hi Fi

The recent supply chain review by PWC @ JB has been very positive for V Net.

PWC have advised that the V Net CMI model should be rolled out to other categories within JB.

Our main focus this quarter has been developing a roadmap for an accelerated roll out of the CMI model.

We will be in a position to formally advise the details of this accelerated roll out once ratified by JB senior management in late March 2019.

The Good Guys

We launched our pilot with Sony Aust in February, with plans for additional categories to be rolled out pending a successful pilot.

V Net Insights 

Our primary focus in Q1 was to migrate the current insights platform to the Azure cloud.

Once completed in April, both Robin and Yong will have a platform for an accelerated growth strategy.

Watch this space!

Ciao for now,



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