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By Tony Bugge

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Q1 2018 – Business Development Update

Q1 is normally a quiet business development time given the holiday season, but NOT for V Net. We are progressing through some major project initiatives and consolidating our position within our traditional segments with long term renewals!


V Net Australia 

  1. Roadshow Entertainment

    We have agreed to a contract renewal of 3 years from 1 July 2018. The new service will include a JB Hi Fi on-site model with other retailers being managed from our Shared Service.

  2. Central Health Services

    With the Nostradata interface now complete, a rollout plan with 150 plus stores has been developed and will be ready for kick off in the back end of Q2.

  3. Microsoft NZ

    The Microsoft NZ data posting service for 5 retailers is half way through development with a go live planned for late Q2. The completion of this project will provide our Insights business with an opportunity to expand the current MS Australia model to incorporate a business intelligence solution for their NZ business unit.

  4. Good Guys

    No, I am not talking about Remo and myself, I’m referring to the retailer! We have kicked off a project for our first Proof of Concept (POC) with the GG’s. The scope of the POC is a V Vendor model for Sony Electronics. We plan to be live with the POC early August. A successful POC with Sony will spring board the V Net service model into new and exciting product segments with this great retail brand!

V Net Insights 

V Insights logo small
  1. JB Hi Fi Pricing Module 

    Our strategic partnership with JB Hi Fi has just gone to another level. We have been commissioned to implement a Price Management Solution within our Insights platform. The Price Management solution will help the JB Hi Fi buying team execute their retail sell price strategy, ensuring they are competitive in the market place. The initial phase of this project will be a POC for the Audio category that is planned for go live on the 2nd July 2018. Upon delivery of a successful POC we will be rolling out to all categories in time for Xmas!!

  2. JB Hi Fi Vendor Portal

    We are now live with 7 vendors on the JB Hi Fi collaborative platform. The JB Hi Fi trading partners now embracing the Insights platform include Hisense, Electrolux, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Aust, and Nikon. These global brands are all using our solution to identify actionable business insights that will assist in maximising their return on investment with Australia’s leading consumer electronics retailer.

  3. JB Hi Fi Buyers and Planners

    The successful relaunch of our JB Insights solution for 70 plus buyers and planners was completed in Q1. All JB users have now been trained on the new MS Power BI platform (that replaced the previous Sharepoint user interface), with positive feedback from all key stakeholders.

V Net Japan 

V Net Japan
  1. Microsoft Japan

    Our 6 retailer CMI project is on the verge of completion with a go live planned for end of Q2. This has been a huge development effort with stakeholders from Tokyo, Sydney and Detroit all working in collaboration to meet crazy deadlines! Although we will probably see Patrick Yap, Dobbo and Sanjeev all admitted to hospital for adverse reaction to stress and anxiety, the good news is this will be a huge win for us in this amazing country!

As you can see from the above, we have kicked the year off with a BANG!

Watch this space for more exciting TRANSFORMATIONAL news…….Caio for now.



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