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Do I have to change the way I do business with my partners today?2019-10-23T01:43:01+11:00

No. V Net is designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of your existing systems and processes. Custom-built to suit your business needs, V Net can stay true to the system links already in place, and follow your established negotiation and approval processes. In saying that, we are also very happy to lead the review of these procedures if you’re not sure of their effectiveness.

Is a major investment required to implement V Net?2019-10-23T01:43:04+11:00

No. We never ask for a significant up-front capital investment in hardware, software or people.

V Net is 100% scalable, fast and efficient. We will rapidly deploy a live platform, custom-built to suit your business and product needs. Cloud-based, our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with and extend the capabilities of your existing and legacy systems. Of course, even the most sophisticated software needs people to drive real, actionable results. That’s why we also provide our clients with a team of V Net Inventory Specialists dedicated to working alongside your Buying and Sales teams day-to-day; as a standard inclusion in the ongoing service fee.

Does V Net transmit actual orders electronically or just provide order suggestions?2019-10-23T01:43:00+11:00

V Net is much more than just a suggested orders system. Setting us apart from other systems, once an order is approved, we send an electronic file in the PO format required by supplier and retailer systems. This means that creation and transmission of your order is guaranteed and not delayed in waiting for staff to key in the order. In addition, the electronic transmission of our order forms part of the critical path to ensure stock lands at store on time.

How does V Net keep our business data within your environment secure?2019-10-23T01:42:59+11:00

The V Net cloud platform is built on enterprise-class and proprietary technologies that are hosted in SOC-2 audited data centres. Security and redundancy are built into all levels of the system allowing secure and consistent access to sensitive datasets. Security can be tailored to suit all business security requirements, including controlled access based on user groups.

Who manages the V Net platform for my business day-to-day?2019-10-23T01:42:56+11:00

Your dedicated team of V Net Inventory Specialists will manage the V Net platform on your behalf. Their role is to collaborate with and support your Buying and Sales teams in achieving your key business metrics.

Is the capital requirement to set-up V Insights of a similar scale to that of a data warehouse program?2019-10-23T01:43:02+11:00

No. V Insights is a low footprint set-up that does not require the scale usually seen with large data warehouse set-ups.

Can I use one V Net product or do I have to invest in all of them?2019-10-23T01:42:57+11:00

V Net is a modular solution, 100% scalable, customisable and flexible. Appropriate to your business requirements, you can utilise one or two V Net products, or master your business with the full suite. View full information pages on each of our solutions, or better yet contact us for a no-obligation chat about the best product fit for your needs and budget.

Does V Net work within my product segments?2019-10-23T01:42:54+11:00

Yes. V Net is flexible and fully customisable to suit any business or product segment. Designed for product categories that are traditionally difficult to forecast, our software is trusted by leading retailers in a wide array of product categories including DVDs, gaming, consumer electronics, books and more.

Who has control of the Inventory Management process?2019-10-23T01:42:54+11:00

Processes and parameters of the V Inventory are agreed between the retailer and supplier prior to going live. Your team of V Net Inventory Specialists will drive the facilitation of these processes to ensure all orders are favourable to shared business metrics and goals, and approved as agreed.

Why does V Net collect daily data?2019-10-23T01:42:52+11:00

By using the most recent daily inventory and sales data at a SKU and store level, we ensure that your on-shelf availability is optimised. If only weekly data is available then the V Net model will still work, but we recommend daily data in order to calculate the optimum stock position.

Is the CPFR process managed manually (i.e. using a spreadsheet) by an analyst?2019-10-23T01:42:59+11:00

No. V Net Inventory Specialists don’t manually manage CPFR, they use integrated platforms for planning, forecasting and replenishments.

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